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本文摘要:高考英语全国卷作文板块的套路很是牢固,句子也大量重复。所以下面这些句子一定要背过!1. 主谓结构低级难度1)我们应该会在下午4点左右回来。(2015年新课标卷2)We should come back around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.2)而且它将连续一个小时。(2012新课标卷2)And it’s going to last about an hour.3)航班将在八月6日上午11:30到达。


高考英语全国卷作文板块的套路很是牢固,句子也大量重复。所以下面这些句子一定要背过!1. 主谓结构低级难度1)我们应该会在下午4点左右回来。(2015年新课标卷2)We should come back around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.2)而且它将连续一个小时。(2012新课标卷2)And it’s going to last about an hour.3)航班将在八月6日上午11:30到达。

(2013年新课标卷1)It will arrive at 11:30am,August 6.4)We were all worried about her.(2011年北京卷情景作文)我们都很担忧她。5)我上个月来到这里而且发现我的课程是有趣的。

(2011年新课标卷1)I came here last month and found my courses interesting.6 )我想再一次对于引起的稳定和你说歉仄。(2010年山东卷)Once again,I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.7)我期望早点收到你的回信。(2011年山东卷)I am looking forward to your early reply.8)我期望尽早收到你的回信。

(2013年山东卷)I am looking forward to your earliest reply.9)首先,我经常努力地到场英语角。(2012年山东卷)First, I usually participate actively in English corner.10)我从网站上学到了许多。(2012年山东卷)I can learn a lot from the website.11)我迫切的想要见到你! (2011年山东卷)I can hardly wait to see you!12)除此之外,在演讲竣事后我会去探望你。

(2011年山东卷)In addition, I’m going to visit you after the contest.13)我们还可以相互学习。(2013年天津卷)We can still learn from each other.14)我校摄影俱乐部讲举行国际中学生摄影展。(2016年新课标卷2)Our school photography club is going to hold an International High School Student Photography Show.15)它将在六月十五日开始并连续三个星期。(2016年新课标卷2)It will start from June 15thand last for three weeks.16)我们可以乘坐101线或地铁2号线可以到达那里。

(2017年新课标卷2)We can get there by taking Bus Line 101 or Subway Line 2.中级难度= 介词短语、其他结构+ 低级难度1)在中国,这些结代表了友谊,爱和洽运气。(2013年新课标卷2)In China, these knots stand for friendship, love and good luck.2)在假期,我会去世界各地旅游。(2014年新课标卷2)On my holidays, I will travel around the world.3)这个星期五晚上,放学之后我们将八点在学生俱乐部荟萃。

(2012年新课标2)We’ll gather at the Students’ Club at 8 p.m. this Friday, after the evening classes.4)第二天早上,我去车站送他们。(2010年北京卷情景作文)The next morning, I went to the station to see them off.5)这个周四她坐轮椅回来给我们上课。

(2011年北京卷情景作文)This Thursday she returned to the class on a wheelchair to give us lessons.6.)越剧团近期将会在八月五日下午两点天津大剧院演出。(2012天津卷)Shaoxing Opera Butterfly Lovers will be performed in Tianjin Grand Theatre completed recently at 2 p.m. on August 5th.7) 在我特殊的照顾下,我妈妈徐徐的恢复了康健。(北京卷2013年情景作文)With my special care, my mother recovered quickly. 8) 不像大多数树,这棵树中间弯曲,为了获得更多的阳光一直努力挣扎向上生长。

(2010年北京卷开放作文)Unlike most trees, this one bends in the middle, struggling all the way up to get more sunshine.9)最后,可能我会做学校志愿者作为一名教学助手。(2013年山东卷)Last but not least, maybe I will work as a volunteer for the school as a teaching assistant.10)我将在即未来临的暑假到场中学的英语演讲。(2011年山东卷)I’m going to take part in an English speech contest of middle school students in July in the coming summer vacation.11)我们可以和他大学的学生在辩说赛或演讲角逐中举行竞争。

(2013年天津卷)We can compete with students from other universities in debate contests or speech contests.12)结业终于来了。(2017年北京卷)Graduation finally came.终极难度1)我给你写信是为了告诉你我叔叔李明将要去你们都会到场一个集会,而且我已经让他把那幅你之前就想要的中国画带给你了。

(2013年新课标卷1)I’m writing to tell you that my uncle Li Ming is going to your city for a conference,and I’ve asked him to bring you the Chinese painting you’ve asked before.2)下午,我去了火车站,虽然排了很长的队,但还是设法为我的祖怙恃买了两张票。(2010年北京卷情景作文)In the afternoon, I went to the train station and managed to buy two tickets for my grandparents although there was a long queue.3)晚饭事后,我将我祖怙恃所需的必须品装进手提箱内,例如:衣物、眼镜、一把雨伞和一张舆图。(2010年北京卷情景作文)After dinner, I packed into the suitcase the things my grandparents’ need, such as clothes, glasses, an umbrella, and a map.4)不久前我在学校组织的英语竞赛中获得了第一名,我最大的收益来自课外的英语学习。(2012年山东卷)As the first prize winner of the English competition organized by the school not long ago, I have benefited a great deal from the extra-curricular English learning.5)作为学生会主席,我想和你谈谈关于我校捐书的问题。

(2015年天津卷)As the president of the Student union, I want to talk with you about the donation of books on behalf of my school.6)很歉仄周五下午我不能和你一起去书店了。(2016新课标卷2)I’m sorry to say that I cannot go to the bookstore with you on Friday afternoon.2. 主谓宾结构低级难度1)他戴着眼镜。(2013年新课标卷1)He is wearing glasses.2)我瞥见了你们的广告。

(2014年新课标卷1)I’ve seen your ad.3) 我想到场你们的夏令营。(2012年新课标卷1)I'd like to take part in it.4)我们想要邀请你到场派对。

(2012新课标2)We’d like to invite you to the party.5)你可以发邮件给我或者打电话。(2011年新课标卷1)You may email or phone me.6)他接受了我们的建议。

(2014北京情景作文)He accepted our suggestions.7) 她得了伤风。(北京卷2013年情景作文)She had a cold.8) 人们需要学会去面临它。(2013年北京卷开放作文)People need to learn to face it.9)在那之后,你将会竣事对我们学校的观光。

(2011天津卷)After that, you will end your visit to our school.10)在中午我们会在学校食堂有个聚会。(2011天津卷)At noon, we will have a get-together in our school's dining hall.11) 他们很是谢谢我的资助。(2012年北京卷情景作文)They appreciated my help greatly.12) 每小我私家都有梦想。

(2013年北京卷开放作文)Everyone has his dream.13)我获得迅速的进步,也和这有着精密的关系。(2012年山东卷)I made such rapid progress, closely related to this.14)最后,英语阅读网站也资助我改善我的英语学习。

(2012年山东卷)Finally, Enjoy Reading website has also helped improve my English learning.15)效果,我没有选择只能完全集中在我的考试。(2013年山东卷)As a result, I had no choice but to completely focus on my study.16)另外,我将会有一段短暂的旅程去北京上暑假课在新东方学校。(2013年山东卷)Additionally, I will take a short trip to Beijing to take a summer course in the New Oriental School.17)我将为你打开更多的渠道来表达你的意见和需求(2013年天津卷)I will open more channels for you to voice your opinions and need.18)现在,我想先容一些关于天气,食物和我们班的细节。

(2014年天津卷)Now, I’d like to introduce some details about the weather, food, and our class.19)我会组织更多的运动,增强校间交流(2013年天津卷)I will organize more activities to enhance the interschool communication.20)我刚完成了我的申请信和简历。(2016新课标卷1)I have just completed my application letter and resume.21)可是现在他们需要回到他们的家乡。(2016天津卷)But they need to back their hometown now.22)首先,他们从我们这里获取知识,然后我们住在一起。

(2016天津卷)In the first place, they got knowledge from us, and then we live together.23)其次,我们一起打篮球踢足球。(2016天津卷)Secondly, we play basketball and soccer together.24)长江和泰山的旅行都强烈推荐。(2017年北京卷)Of the two trips to the Yangtze River and Mount Tai, both are highly recommended.25)这肯定给了我们很大的成就感。

(2017年北京卷)That surely gave us a great sense of achievement.中级难度= 介词短语、其他+ 低级难度1)我们准备在小明的生日派对上给他一个惊喜。(2012年新课标2)We’re throwing a surprise party for Xiaoming’s birthday.2)十名同学将会关于所给主题揭晓演讲---人与自然(2010年新课标卷1)Ten students will deliver their speeches on the given topic – Man and Nature.3)我自己做它们要用红色的丝线,布和其他质料。

(2013年新课标卷2)I made them myself with red silk threads, cloth and other materials.4)我在星期二上午和星期五下午没有课。(2011年新课标卷1)I have no class on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons.5)报纸上有许多外国朋侪写的文章。


(2015新课标卷1)It carries many articles written by the foreign friends.6)顺便说一下,对于暑假我有很忙碌的时间表。(2013山东卷)By the way, I have a busy schedule for my summer vacation.7)我将拥有自己的家可能另有一个可爱的宝宝。(2014年新课标卷2)I will have my own family, probably with a lovely child.8)十年来我一直在学习英语,而且我讲英语很流利。

(2012年新课标卷1)I've been learning English for 10 years, and I speak fluent English.9)看完戏之后,我们会思量到场一些其他有意义的运动。(2012天津卷)After watching this drama, we may consider planning to participate in some other meaningful activities. 10)你上次在信里问我关于暑假计划。

(2013山东卷)You asked me in your last letter about my plan for the coming summer vacation.11)可是现在我在收集有用的信息和使用论文英语词汇去表达我的思想方面有一些难题。(2011年山东卷)But now I have some difficulty in collecting useful information and using proper English word to express my thoughts.12)另外我确实想要改善我的口语,特别是发音和语调。(2011年山东卷)Besides, I really want to improve my spoken English, especially the pronunciation and intonation.13)首先,当班长让我获得了许多的履历,获得了我的同学的广泛赞誉(2013年天津卷)First, I have gained a lot of experience and received wide praise from my classmates for my job as monitor.14)最后我们讨论了差别国家差别的艺术。

(2016年天津卷)Finally, we are talking about different art from different country.15)我认为英国的学生和我们必须获取更多的工具。(2016天津卷)I think students of UK and us must gain more things.16)经由热烈的讨论,我们商定制作录像,记载我们在学校的履历。(2017年北京卷)After a heated discussion, we agreed on making a video to record our experiences at school.17)我们辩说过把什么放在视频中。

(2017年北京卷)We debated over what to put into the video.终极难度1)在我业余时间,我会继续举行纪律的磨炼,例如游泳,跑步和差别的球类运动。(2014年新课标卷2)In my free time, I will continue to take regular exercise, such as swimming, running and various ball games.2)我在网上相识到你们已贴出的关于夏令营的通告。(2012年新课标卷1)I read the announcement of the summer camp that you have posted on the Internet。3)我能够向来自其他国家的同学讲述中国的事情而且也能学习相识他们的国家。

(2012年新课标卷1)I’ll be able to tell students from other countries about China and learn about their countries as well.4)上个星期一,我们老师在我们上语文课的时候突然滑倒了。(2011年北京卷情景作文)Last Monday, we were having our Chinese class when the teacher suddenly slipped and fell.5)在其他同学的资助下,其中的一个小男孩背着她连忙去了医务室。(2011年北京卷情景作文)One of the boys carried her on the back, with the help of some others, to the clinic immediately.6)我很感谢你能允许我摆设其他时间和你游览北京。

(2010年山东卷)I would appreciate your allowing me to make another date to show you around Beijing. 3. 主谓宾宾结构低级难度1)我们想给他一个惊喜,所以请不要告诉他。(2012年新课标2)We want to give him a surprise, so please keep quiet about it.2)我为他们感应兴奋而且希望他们旅途平安。

(2010年北京卷情景作文)I felt happy for them and wished them a safe journey.3)我已经让他把那幅你之前想要的中国画带给你了。(2013年新课标卷1)I’ve asked himto bring youthe Chinese painting you’ve asked before.4)之后我们在他的办公室里见了校向导并给他做了陈诉。(2014北京情景作文)Then we went to meet the schoolmaster in his office and gave the report to him.5) 对于我的邀请我会给你一个适当的理由。

(2012天津卷)I will give you the proper reason for my inviting you.6) 我们相互挥手离别。(2012年北京卷情景作文)We waved good-bye to each other.7)因此,我对网络投票持努力态度。(2016江苏卷)Therefore, I hold a positive attitude towards on- line voting.8)它泉源于把好的计划和更好的行动联合起来。(2016浙江卷)It came from good planning and better doing combined.中级难度1)这张图片让你想起那些在崎岖条件下乐成的人们。

(2010年北京卷开放作文)The picture reminds me of those who succeed in unfavorable conditions.2)我给你写信是为了告诉你我叔叔李明将要去你们都会到场一个集会,而且我已经让他把那幅你之前就想要的中国画带给你了。(2013年新课标卷1)I’m writing to tell you thatmy uncle Li Ming is going to your city for a conference,and I’ve asked him to bring you the Chinese painting you’ve asked before.3)在你到的当天早晨,我们会带你观光我们的学校并先容最先进的科学实验室给你。(2011天津卷)The morning on of your arrival, we will show you around our school and introduce our most advanced science lab to you.4)固然,作为母语是英语的人,你可以给我一些意见。(2011年山东卷)Of course, as a native English speaker, you can give me some suggestions.5)我发现我在那天下午不得不到场一个重要的班级集会。

(2016年新课标3)I have just found that I have to attend an important class meeting that afternoon.6)最后我以第一名的结果赢得角逐。(2016浙江卷)I finally came out of the contest as the first prize winner.4. 主谓宾补结构1)我想让你帮我个忙。

(2013年新课标卷1)I’d like you to do me a favor.2)我想让你为我们学校的英语报写一篇文章。(2015新课标卷1)I would like to ask you to write an article for our school’s English newspaper.3)我资助我祖怙恃准备他们去北戴河的旅行。(2010年北京卷情景作文)I helped my grandparents prepare their trip to Beidaihe.4) 白色铅笔的话让它陷入深深地思考当中。

(2012年北京卷开放作文)The white pencil’s words let him fall into deep thoughts.5)也可能他们可以资助你更好的学习汉语。(2015年天津卷)Also maybe they can help you learn Chinese smoother.6) 我希望这个改变不会给你造成太大贫苦。

(2016年新课标3)I hope the change will not cause you too much trouble.7) 如果不利便的话,让我知道你最合适的时间。(2016新课标卷3)If not, let me know what time suits you best.8)因此,让我们欢送客人。

(2016年天津卷)Therefore, let’s see the guests off cordially.9)许多赛事让人们深陷其中。(2016江苏卷)Many competitions get people involved in it.10)另外,英特网使观察和投票变得简朴利便,不限制时间和所在。


(2016江苏卷)In addition, the Internet makes surveying and voting easy and convenient, regardless of time and space.11)此外,网络投票使即时反馈成为可能。(2016江苏卷)Furthermore, voting on the Internet makes instant feedback possible.12)我建议你提前相识唐代的简史。(2017年新课标卷1)I advise you to learn about the brief history of the Tang dynasty in advance.13)它一定会资助你学习诗歌。

(2017年新课标卷1)It will surely help you in learning the poems.14)同时,我们将分为几组,每两周举行角逐。(2017年新课标卷3)Meanwhile,we would be divided into several groups to conduct competitions every two weeks.15)下课后,我经常上网获取有关天津历史和文化的更多信息。(2017年天津卷)After class, I often surf the Internet to get more information about the history and culture of Tianjin. 5. 主系表结构低级难度1)我很期待您的回信(2010年新课标卷1)I am looking forward to your reply.2)或许400词是最好的。(2015新课标卷1)400 words would be fine.3)我是一名中国学生。

(2014年新课标卷1)I am a student in China.4)我很期待您的回信。(2014年新课标卷1)I am looking forward to your early reply.5)我很期待你的回信。

(2014年新课标卷2)I am looking forward to your reply.6)在我们的文化中,这天是老人们的节日(2015年新课标卷2)It is the day for the elderly in our culture.7)我期待你的回信。I am looking forward to hear from you.8)到那时候我已经28岁了。(2014年新课标卷2)I will be twenty-eight years old by then.9)我是李华,一名来自中国的中学生。(2012年新课标卷1)I'm Li Hua, a middle school student from China.10)我很是感兴趣。

(2012年新课标卷1)I am interested in it.11)他的航班号是CA985。(2013年新课标卷1)His flight number is CA985.12) 我叔叔是个高个子。(2013年新课标卷1)My uncle is tall.13)他将会穿一件蓝色的夹克。

(2013年新课标卷1)He will be in a blue jacket.14)生活会是难题的。(2010年北京卷开放作文)Life can be hard.15)因此为了准备它我很忙碌。(2011年山东卷)So I’m busy preparing for it.16)我们报纸的“外国文化”专栏在我们学生之间很受接待。

(2015新课标卷1)The “Foreign Culture” section of the English paper is popular among us students.17)我摆设所有的运动都按计划举行。(2011天津卷)My plan about these activities is as follows.18)这是我的暑假计划。

(2013年山东卷) These are my plan for the summer vacation.19)秋天的气候宜人。(2014年天津卷)The weather in fall is very pleasant.20)这的温度约莫20摄氏度。

(2014年天津卷)The temperature here is at about 20 centigrade.21)我们的班级是一个的大家庭。(2014年天津卷)Our class is a very warm family.22)再次,我很歉仄造成的未便。(2010年山东卷)Once again,I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.23)我是李华,来自上学期你的英语写作课。

(2016新课标卷1)I’m Li Hua from your English writing class last night.24)我给你写信是为了寻求你的资助。(2016新课标卷1)I’m writing to ask for your help.25)然而,我对我用的语言和花样不太确定。(2016年新课标卷1)However, I am not quite sure of the language and the format I’ve used.26)展览的主题是情况掩护。(2016年新课标卷2)The theme of the show is environmental protection.27) 下周放学后任何时间我都可以。

(2016新课标卷3)I should be availiable any time after school nwxt week.28)我的名字是李津。(2016天津卷)My name is LiJin.29)我演讲的主题是友谊。(2016天津卷)The topic of my speech is friendship.30)这很有趣,不是吗?(2016天津卷)It’s really interesting, isn’t it?31)网上投票变得日益盛行。(2016江苏卷)On-line voting becomes increasingly popular.32)之后的编辑部门是艰难的。

(2017年北京卷)The editing part after that was tough.33)我很兴奋收到你的来信。(2017年天津卷)I’m glad to hear from you. 中级难度= 低级难度+ 其他部门1)它们看起来真的很漂亮,以钻石为形状,约莫五英尺宽。(2013年新课标卷2)They look really beautiful in the shape of a diamond about 5 inches wide.2)我为他们感应兴奋而且希望他们旅途平安。(2010年北京卷情景作文)I felt happy for them and wished them a safe journey.3)图片转达的信息很明确。

(2011年北京卷开放作文)The message conveyed in the picture is clear.4)我们所有人都很感动而且为有一个这么卖力任的老师感应自满。(2011年北京卷情景作文)We were all deeply moved and proud of having such a responsible teacher.5)其次,我是一个热心的男孩,总是乐于助人。(2013年天津卷)Second, I am a warm-hearted boy and always ready to help others.6)关于英语俱乐部副主席的职位,我以为有资格接受这项事情(2013年天津卷)Concerning the position of vice president of the English Club, I feel qualified to take the job.7)这简直是个很好的时机让人们看到他们。(2016新课标卷2)This is surely a good chance for people to see them.8)很兴奋有这个时机在这里演讲。

(2016天津)I’m glad to have the chance to speak here.9)我很荣幸在这里用几句话接待你们。(2016天津)I feel great honor to be here to say a few words to welcome you.10)计划是件好事,因为它决议了我们做事的细节。(2016浙江卷)Planning is good as it decides in detail how we do.11)对于像你这样喜欢中国文化的人来说,绝对是一个不容错过的绝佳时机。

(2017年新课标卷2)For someone so fond of Chinese culture like you, it is absolutely a great opportunity you can’t miss.12)详细就运动方面上,在每个星期五约莫三点到五点,我们将荣幸地获得专业教练的高水平训练。(2017年新课标卷3)Definitely, as for the activities, we will be honor to be given high-level training by a professional coach every Friday around 3-5 pm.13)此外,沿河风景也是惊人的,有着许多著名的旅行景点。

(2017年北京卷)Moreover, the scenery along the river is amazing, with many well-known sightseeing spots.14)训练我的英语口语也正成为我的日程。(2017年天津卷)Practicing my oral English is also becoming my schedule.终极难度1)所有他不得不做的事就是转身,过桥而且走到树旁。(2011年北京卷开放作文)All he has to do is to turn around, cross the bridge and walk to the tree.2)我是李华,一名中国人,在贵校学习暑假课程的。(2011年新课标卷1)I’m Li Hua, a Chinese student taking summer courses in your university.3)我是育才中学学生会主席李华,我校位于你校四周。

(2010年新课标卷1)I’m Li Hua, Chairman of the student Union of Yucai Middle School, which is close to your university.4)今天我很兴奋有时机来到场英语俱乐部副主席的竞选(2013年天津卷)Today I am very glad to have the chance to run for the vice president of the English Club.5)再次,我善于组织运动,并曾举行多个英语角和讨论。(2013年天津卷)Third, I am good at organizing activities and have held a number of English corners and discussions.6)我计划今年夏天在我所在都会的一个外企中申请一份兼职事情,而且我已经完成了我的申请信和简历。

(2016新课标卷1)I am applying for a part-time job at a foreign company in my city during the summer vacation, and I have just completed my application letter and resume.7)接待感兴趣的同学到场。(2016年新课标卷2)Any student who is interested is welcome to participate.8)很歉仄周五下午我不能和你一起去书店了。(2016新课标卷2)I’m sorry to say that I cannot go to the bookstore with you on Friday afternoon.9)在我看来,网络投票是现代生活中不行支解的一部门而且应该被接待,因为这不只是一种到场民众生活的方式。(2016江苏卷)In my opinion, on-line voting is an inseparable part of modern life and should be welcomed, since it is no more than a way to participate in public life.。